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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Schematic pulse width measurement Project Description

Project Description:-

Our project is to measure the frequency and pulse width of an input rectangular wave form and to implement a digital clock using AT89C52. A signal having rectangular waveform is applied at the pin 12 and 14 of AT89C52. The frequency and pulse width of the signal is measured by the microcontroller and results are displayed on LCD display panel. The project also includes interfacing to personal computer using serial communication. The results are also displayed in hyper-terminal window. The microcontroller also keeps track of time. User can enter the current time by pressing key ‘I’ for one time only. Then microcontroller constantly updates time both in hyper-terminal window and on LCD display panel.

Topics covered in this project of microcontroller are:-

  1. PWM on micro controller 8051 family and measurement of pulse width using built in hardware timers and interrupts.
  2. Understanding of duty cycle of rectangular waves and square waves.
  3. measurements of duty cycle of the square waves.
  4. Hardware of 8052 microcontroller, we used At89c52 microcontroller.
  5. Algorithm of determination of frequency and pulse width of the signal
  6. Liquid crystal display LCD and interfacing of LCD with microcontroller 8052
  7. Interfacing of micro controller board with personal computer PC.
  8. Communication between PC and micro controller 8052.
  9. serial communication between 8052 experimental board to computer.
  10. Use of hyper terminal of windows built in program to communicate with outside world through RS-232 serial communication.
  11. development of clock on micro controller board
  12. adjustment of time of running clock with the help of hyper terminal through serial port.

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